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Le Trumpet. In my opinion, the boss of the brass mafia. Easy to carry, “lightweight”, compact and when delicately chucked onto a dance track like this – ohmygoodness it offers so much to the tune. Bakermat has demonstrated it perfectly here.



Encore another French band?..Oui!

French trio -‘We Were Evergreen’ are getting greener and more popular day by day. Whenever you are moody, hungry, cold, spilt your coffee everywhere (or even a little bit), or kicked your foot against the corner of your bed as you are lunging to the front door to catch the tube on time, well I recommend having these french beauties on your ipod! The naughty nice chords and flowing harmonies which fit together like a perfect glove will cheer anyone up! If you get the chance to see them live, definitely go. Incredible.



Melody Prochet -aka – Melody’s Echo Chamber’s- first album is rather beautiful. Teamed with the skilful musical craftsman Kevin Parker (from Tame Impala) after handing him her demo CD at his gig, they combined and recorded this magical dream pop album. IS it possible for a potential comparison to Warpaint and Beach House?I’d say so, but with a French touch. Have a cheeky listen –



I want to dance like this.

Charleston. What a tune. What a dance. What an Era.

Heard it on RadioJuan Episode 41 – Like we promised, here it is! Enjoy. x

Bernhoft. What a skill-full one man band. Oh my.

The modern one man band has swapped the kick drum, bells, cheeky harmonica, and more bells on the elbows for a guitar, a mic and 5 loop pedals, Bernhoft from Norway performs some unbelievably catchy tunes. You’ve been warned. C’mon talk. Beautiful.


Let him talk.