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Something good. So, very good.



Something “so” very good.

Alt-J have a rather wonderful,unique eclectic sound which you will be very glad to hear…on their album out on the 28th of May. Each track pretty much sounds like 3different songs melting into one. Incredible stuff. Here is one my favourites…which was very tough to chose out of their list. Exciting summer ahead for them I’d say.

Dangerous hide and seek…

Mentioned on the RadioJuan episode 33, I hope you enjoy this as much as I do! http://vimeo.com/23186699

Colourful.Playful. Wonderful

The simplicity and warmth to the naked eye of the magic you can make from what is hiding in your innocent pencil case, is one thing. Furthermore, just to start and contemplate the effort and dedication to this slow creating but fast paced ‘stop motion’ video – exhausts me and makes me want to take a nap. And if that was not enough, the hypnotising perfectly strummed chords by “Hudson” concludes my instand love for this video. This, is “Against the grain”  

Not for the lyrics…

Right, if your in a chilled mood, sipping on fine wine, a cheeky mocha/naughty hot chocolate with your slippers on, this may not be the time for checking this video out. However, if you have just got your favourite shoes ruined in a rush hour tube fiasco, and your “livid”, click on this and turn up the volume! The Italian electronica group “The Bloody Beetroots” famous for sporting their “Venom” masks have created quite a track named “Church of Noise”. Not normally something I would listen to on repeat by any means, but without even realising it…I felt my hand hover straight to the replay button for a second dose. The instant up-beat-ness, the speed and the pure adrenaline may be the reason. Why not find out for yourself…

Black and white video. The view’s not bad either.

Another musical creation from Sheffield, no longer only famous for its fine cutlery but now also for producing the “sharpest” new musicians. This tune is ever so catchy, whilst the video keeps you hooked and reminds me of a certain famous scene from the French cult film, “La Haine”. Maybe this was his aim, nevertheless, and it certainly works. Ever so well. I’m sure his girlfriend Annie Mac will approve of what a quality tune this is. Enjoy.


Absolutely love this band and this tune. Unofficial videos have been circulating the net but at last the official video has been created. Only three days old, your in luck! Gorgeous tune – gorgeous video. Hope you like it as much as I do!x